RON YOUNG   ·   2008   ·   WORKSHOPS
North Hollywood, California · Decker Studios
Join us for two full days of Patinas and Metal Finishes

Bronze, Brass, and Copper
Patina Workshop

This workshop will cover all patina techniques - traditional and new for bronze, brass, and copper including hot, cold, buried, wrapped, fumed, and paste. Also, how to incorporate mica powders, pigments, and oxides into your finishes and patinas. Surface preparations, tools, safety procedures, clear coatings, waxes, leafing, and maintenance techniques will be taught. New patina techniques using dyes, dye-oxides, will be covered as well. There will be hands-on time each day.

May 17th & 18th , 2008 – North Hollywood, California - Decker Studio - Bronze, Brass & Copper


Iron, Steel, and Aluminum
Patina Workshop

Ron Young, author of Contemporary Patination & Methods For Modern Sculptors, has been working as an artist, teacher and lecturer for over 30 years. Ron is well known for his work with non-ferrous (bronze, brass, and copper) metals & patinas; he has been researching and applying this knowledge to patinas & finishes for ferrous metals (iron, steel, and aluminum.) The information he has found about these patinas and finishes will be taught at the workshop. Learn the latest techniques for achieving beautiful finishes.
All aspects of patinas and finishes for Iron, Steel & Aluminum will be covered, both hot and cold techniques. Ron will also show the liquid metal coatings, leafing, chemical patina copper plating, solvent dyes, water base dye oxides, mica powders, surface preparation, safety procedures, protective coatings, waxes, tools, and everything else you can think of(about patinas) will be explained. There will be hands-on time each day.
The patinas & finishes taught in this workshop will be for Iron, Steel, and aluminum only.

May 31st,  & June 1st , 2008 - North Hollywood, California – Decker Studios – Iron, Steel, & Aluminum


Each two-day workshop is $300.00. 9AM to 4:30PM each day

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