"Because we are saturated with life, because we are human, our greatest interest is with things human." Cindy Jackson uses figurative sculpture is as a way of connecting with the outside world. "My desire is to make art that matters. Art with integrity. Art that doesn't talk down to us or show us the negativity of the world. Art for me is finding a way to represent people as real people, honoring them as who they are. Many of my sculptures deal with peoples' relationships."

Cindy also tries to honor men working in various industries who made a quiet difference in the world. During the industrial revolution in Europe, sculptors like Daumier, Henri Bouchard, and Jules Dalou were making beautiful sculptures of the common working man. Around the time of the Depression, American sculptors like Mahonri Young also sculpted blue-collar workers. Cindy Jackson follows in their tradition by portraying her subjects as hot and tired yet completely admirable in their moment. In her opinion art is too often about overly idealistic or cynical. Cindy, however, tries to represent someone in their way of life. "I would like to be the sculptor that brings honor and dignity back to art."



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Cindy Jackson
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