Art Services

Decker Studios has acted in an advisory capacity putting together sculptural collections and installations that range from individual collectors to corporate settings, commercial industrial parks, and public spaces internationally. Our services are carried out in collaboration with architects, interior designers, landscape designers, and corporate agents. We have seen the completion of numerous unique projects, from small-scale bronzes to monumental pieces. Every project receives individual attention to meet the client’s needs.


Our services begin as soon as the artist comes through the foundry doors with either a full-scale sculpture or maquette. Once the mold and casting fees are approved, the sculpture will make its way through our 5000 square foot facility. Starting first in the mold room, the sculpture then moves to the wax area. Then to the shell room, the foundry, the metal chasing area and finally to the last phase, patination (for a more detailed description that includes images, see “Casting Process”). During the entire process, every aspect is overseen with checks and double-checks, assuring only the finest museum quality casting.

If your piece requires enlargement, we can either assist you, or our staff can do the enlargement for you. We can make space available on our premises if you would like to do the enlargement yourself. We also offer the latest advancements in computer enlargements. Decker Studios has over 30 years of experience and influence in the fine arts bronze casting industry. With our academic and historical expertise, clients can be assured that their projects are given museum quality detail and attention.



and Maintenance

Bronze art restoration is a fine art. At Decker Studios, we have a trained staff of technicians that are able to restore personal, corporate, and museum collections to a pristine condition.

While the central focus of our business is to provide expertise on the selection and/or execution of fine art bronzes, we also offer conservation and maintenance services for individuals or entire bronze collections.

Decker Studios has engineers consulting with museums, corporate clients, and private collectors on special projects requiring internal and external mounting brackets. These brackets are designed for securing sculptures against theft, seismic activity, insurance liability, and other natural or man-made disasters. We specifically design mounting brackets that are exclusively engineered for each project according to specifications and requirements. Raw stock is also available.