Ventana Wildlife Society

Ventana Wildlife Society has been a community-based private non-profit for nearly 30 years. VWS first began by rehabilitating and releasing wildlife at a 240-acre remote field site in the Ventana Wilderness. After 5 years, VWS began reintroducing Prairie and Peregrine Falcons from this same location.

In 1986, they began a bald eagle restoration project aimed at reintroducing Bald Eagles into a region they were absent from for nearly 60 years. Within 10 years the local eagle population was restored.

In September 2003, Ventana Wildlife Society completed construction of a new condor release site, in collaboration with Pinnacles National Monument and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Condors had nested near the Pinnacles National Monument since at least 1898. Plans are in the works to release 20 to 30 condors to this new site over the next few years.

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